The Council

We often get questions about how the points are developed and built upon. The answer is simple – our community elects a council of five individuals to make decisions on behalf of the format and its players. As it stands currently, the five individuals are elected and sit for a 6-month term, with each present community member getting three votes to go towards nominees they feel are most suited for the role.


Your current council members are:

Jeremy White
I have been playing Highlander for 7 years. I got into the format with a U/W control deck which I played for a while. Recently I am known for playing just about every deck imaginable, my most recent wins coming with Scapeshift, Reanimator, and UW Control. My ideal format allows every archetype (Control, Midrange, Aggro, Tempo, Combo) to be competitive. When looking at pointing a card or a deck I try hard to take emotion out of the equation and look at the situation with as little bias as possible. My favourite deck to play is: 5 Colour Aluren Food Chain Pod.

Benjamin Wheeler
Been in the community since 03/04, back when it was the wild west and FTK ruled the land. Has been on the council ever since creation (except for my Vancouver vacation). Brewmaster/deck creator behind such fan favorites as CradleHoof, 5C Staxx and 5C Sorenson. Podcaster and known degenerate

Liam Coughlan
Liam Coughlan is a combo and tempo player who has recently returned to the Highlander scene. Known for playing a wide variety of decks he also has a penchant for playing some reasonably low quality cards. A content creator and brewer he hopes to help maintain diversity in the format.

Garrett Culos
Garrett started playing around 2014 (Theros standard), then transitioned to highlander in late 2015. Garrett’s primarily a combo player. Playing such hits as Lotus Storm, Academy Combo, Hightide, and every manner of Time vault possible. Garrett has also played, with varying levels of success, Mono Green Stompy, Elf Combo, Mono Red, Mono Blue Agro, and Hard control. Outside of his favorite archetypes, Garrett spends most of his time build Magic Related Websites and Applications.

Adam Throne
Adam is a newer addition to the Highlander community who made a name for himself on aggressive mono-White strategies and more recently on Jeskai Midrange. He prefers to tune decks to his style of play and test underused cards in already powerful strategies, and enjoys the simple nuances of individual card choices and omissions. His favorite decks are ones that contain Brimaz, King of Oreskos and prefers a diverse, interactive format when it comes to balance changes.


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