Point Watchlist

Updated January 2nd, 2018

The council is currently watching the following cards:


  • Eladamri’s Call
  • Madcap Experiment
  • Mystical Tutor


  • Worldly Tutor
  • Natural Order
  • Mana Drain
  • Doomsday
  • Hermit Druid


Eladamri’s Call: Another cheap efficient creature tutor that is seeing wide amount of play in the popular creature combo decks.

Madcap Experiment: Currently seeing an increasing amount of play in blue decks as a haymaker against creature/combo decks for little cost. This card is able to singlehandedly warp aggressive matchups.

Mystical Tutor: Mystical tutor is a very cost efficient tutor and is used to easily find Ancestral Recall and Time Walk. In addition, it also enables miracles and Madcap Experiment. It also can be found with Merchant Scroll, giving blue an amazing toolbox with several cards. With the dominance of blue, it is worth taking a look at the points on their tutors.

Worldly Tutor: Worldly tutor is a very cost efficient tutor that has seen play in both interactive and non interactive creature combo decks. Due to the card disadvantage, it’s not quite on the power level as some of the other one point cards available in other colours. There are a number of fair decks that aren’t looking to abuse it that don’t get to play it due to the pointing. The council is looking at removing it from the list.

Natural Order: Hoof has recently seen both a downtick in both popularity and success over the past few months. If this continues we may look to find ways to encourage players to pick up the deck again.

Mana Drain: While an undeniably strong card it recently just saw an increase in its pointing as the result of a very close vote. The highly varied nature of the card has made it a contentious issue at 0 points for quite some time and that is unlikely to change while it is at 1 point.

Doomsday: Long gone are the days of Doomsday being a format juggernaut. Over the years more cards and archetypes have grown to show that there is a massive cost to piloting Doomsday. Archetypes that were once seen as easy prey for the strategy, have since become less desirable match-ups, often making it an incorrect decision to play Doomsday over any other Storm variant. The council has slowly been chipping away at the rather large points denomination bestowed to Doomsday in the early years of the format, in an attempt to further push competitive diversity.

Hermit Druid: Hermit Druid is an awkward card. While the council tries to encourage a competitively diverse format, there are some archetypes that are better left on the back burner. Hermit Druid certainly has all the characteristics of a low-point combo card; vulnerbale pieces, clunky execution and severe deck construction requirements. That said, giving a jump-start to this style of combo deck isn’t exactly beneficial for our format. One of the larger issues with tackling Hermit Druid’s point placement is the lack of tournament appearances. Across the 52 recorded events in 2017, Hermit Druid & Friends were sleeved up only a handful of times. For these reasons, Hermit Druid has been placed on the watch list, as the council hopes to collect more data.


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