Common Archetypes

Below is a list of tournament winning decks/archetypes across the history of Canadian Highlander.  Follow the link listed below for the folder containing a sample decklist of each individual archetype (in roughly alphabetical order).

Happy brewing!

Note: These decks will be updated whenever possible, but please keep in mind that the points may not reflect the current values, and may be over pointed. Additionally these lists may not feature cards from current sets as they have yet to be updated.

Sample Archetypes/Decklists


4C Blood Midrange
4C Greedy-Jiki
4C Jace Control
4C Kiki-Pod
4C Twin Control

Abzan Midrange
Abzan Superfriends
Academy Combo
The Aristocrats!
Azorius Aggro
Azorius Control
Azorius Tap-Out

Bant Blade
Bant Hoof-Blade
Bant Tap-Out
Bant Tempo
Big Green
Bloody Sultai Midrange
Blue Moon

Czech Pile

Dark Jeskai
Death & Taxes
Dimir Painter-Vault

Esper Aggro
Esper Control
Esper Midrange


Golgari Aggro
Golgari Superfriends
Golgari Value-Pod
Grixis Control
Grixis Tempo
Grixis Vault
Gruul Aggro

Hermit Druid
High Tide
Hot Bant

Izzet Tempo
Izzet Vault-Twin

Jeskai Midrange
Jeskai Tempo
Jund Midrange

Mardu Aggro
Mono-Black Aggro
Mono-Black Control
Mono-Blue Control
Mono-Green Aggro

Naya Aggro
Naya Blade
Naya Midrange
Naya Tokens

Orzhov Hatebears
Orzhov Midrange

Paradox Engine
Pattern Rector

Red Deck Recall
Red Deck Wins
The Rock
Royal Jund Aggro
Selesnya Combo-Pod
Selesnya Midrange
Simic Midrange
Simic Ramp
Simic “Sorensen” Tempo
Simic Turboland
Slow Burn
Sorenensen Revelation Tempo
Sultai Aggro
Sultai Control
Sultai Lands Ramp
Sultai Midrange
Sultai Tempo

Temur Aggro
Temur Blitz
Temur Control
Temur Kiki-Pod
Temur Midrange
Temur Scapeshift

White Skies
White Weenie

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