Highlander Mulligans Monday July 24th

Hello again! I am back with more Highlander Mulligans from the week that was! This week I was not able to attend the weekly tournament so we’re going to be looking at some hypothetical hands from some of the top performing decks of the week!

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Highlander Mulligans Monday July 17th

This marks the first week of the Highlander Mulligans article. As I mentioned in my article about mulliganing in Highlander that you can find here I am going to start posting a few mulligans from the weekly Monday Highlander tournament to discuss. I’m going to post this disclaimer at the beginning of every article but since not every player submits their deck list and because some players are consistently changing their lists I cannot guarantee that the lists I post with each mulligan will directly match what the player was playing that day. Nonetheless the list should give you an idea of what kind of things the deck is trying to do.

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Improving Your Mulliganing Choices

Every game of Magic involves a significant number of choices. What order to you play your lands? Do you double block or play around a removal spell? What card do you take with you Thoughtseize? While these decisions are important there is one much larger decision that comes before anything else and that decision is what opening hand you decide to keep.

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