Deck Primer: The Rock

Join Black Green mage extraordinaire Alasdair Howie as he walks you through his version of The Rock! He’ll explain his choices for the deck, the principals that the deck is built on, and how the match ups with common Highlander archetypes typically go. Come learn from the most successful pilot of the deck in Highlander history!


Here’s the link to the decklist!…the-rock/?cat=cost

Enjoy this type of content? Let us know! If so we can try to get more deck primers from prominent players!

-Liam Coughlan

One thought on “Deck Primer: The Rock”

  1. This is definitely one of the most helpful tools for someone whose Highlander experience is strictly from Cockatrice and similar programs! I would love to hear about other common archetypes and the crazy brews that show up!

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