Monday Metagame

April 18th,
2016 37 Players

Finals: Grixis Vault-Twin (Winner) vs Big Red

Combo 8
3x CradleHoof
Academy Combo/Control
Grixis Vault-Twin
Naya Kiki-Pod
RUG Scapeshift

Control & Tempo – 13
3x Esper Control
2x BUG Control
Blue Moon
Grixis Control
Mono-Blue Eldrazi
1x Dega Control
UW Control
BUG Tempo
Grixis Tempo
RUG Tempo

Midrange & Ramp – 7
4C Aristocrats
BUG Midrange
Esper Midrange
Junk Midrange
UW Midrange
Big Red
1x Dega Stax

Aggro – 9
2x Goblins
Bant Blade
Junk Blade
Naya Blade
Jeskai Burn
Mono-Black Aggro
Red Deck Wins
White Weenie


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