2016 Season – Monday Metagame
February 29th, 2016
37 Players – 30 Archetypes

Finals: Pattern Rector aka Sandra Bullock (Winner) vs CradleHoof

4x Academy Combo/Control
3x CradleHoof
2x Pattern Rector aka Sandra Bullock
Grixis Time Vault
High Tide
Mono-Black Storm aka Spanish Inquisition
RUG Kiki-Pod

2x Jeskai Midrange
4C Midrange
Jund Midrange
BUG Tempo
RUG Tempo
UG Sorensen Tempo
Azorius Control
Blue Moon
BUG Control
Esper Control
Mardu Control

Gruul Midrange
Selesnya Midrange
Junk Blade
Naya Blade
Hotline Bant
5C Zoo
4C Zoo
Mono Black Aggro
Red Deck Wins
White Weenie


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