Monday Metagame – Interim Period 17th – 21st

Hey Everyone, Our own Bernard Nelles took up the torch to put together the Monday Metagame. This post covers both last Thursday and this Monday. In the past Liam Coughlan had sort of broken down, and analyzed this information, but I don’t believe we will have someone in place to do that for a couple more weeks. In the mean time, please have a look at the decks that were played this past week.

Thurday 17th

BW Sligh
Bug Control
5c Storm
Grixis Vault
Mardu Control
4c blood
2x Craterhoof
Big Red
Axe Grinder Pox
Rug Blade/Tempo
Sui Black
3x Goblins
Bw Midrange

Monday 21st

4c Tinker
Boros Aggro
Bug Tempo
Mono Black Midrange
Bant Aggro
BR Pox
2x Rug Tempo
Mardu Control
Jund Midrange
Mono Black Pox/rack
Bug Tempo
5c Storm
High Tide
Naya Aggro
4c Blood
2x UG Tempo
Esper Control
Abzan Aggro
The Rock
Time Vault
Bug Infect
Junk Blade
Jund Aggro
UR Control RDW


3 thoughts on “Monday Metagame – Interim Period 17th – 21st”

    1. You can find a decklist in the common archetypes section of the site. It is basically a monoblue control deck that uses an abundance of counterspells and card advantage to cause your opponent to concede the game I (Jeremy) played the deck to a 2-2 record.

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