2017 Highlander Top 8 Player Profiles

The year end Top 8 is fast approaching and we are excited to bring you a full breakdown of the players, their accomplishments, and our predictions for the Top 8!


Budget Highlander: Blue Red Painter

Hello everyone, and Welcome back to another edition of budget highlander! Last week we covered the aggro end  of the spectrum.  I personally love aggro decks, but I know people also want to do sweet, combo-y things, while still having them happen on a reasonable budget.  I wasn’t sure how possible it would be, but was pleasantly surprised while I brewed this weeks’ deck.  It is a Blue combo deck, that has many things going for it.  It is a GREAT starting point for many different tier 1 and 2 highlander decks, it should have fairly reasonable matchups against most of the field, and it somehow clocked in at only 145 dollars!  I present to you Red/Blue PainterTwin:

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